Spokane Jaw Pain Treatment

dreamstime_11690922TMJ can cause many types of jaw pain. It may make it painful to open and close your jaw, cause constant soreness in the muscles, and lead to achiness in the bones or teeth. If you have any of these types of jaw pain, you should be evaluated for TMJ, especially if you have other TMJ symptoms, such as headaches, tinnitus, or facial pain.

TMJ diagnosis often requires the expertise of a trained neuromuscular dentist. If you have talked about your symptoms to your doctor or dentist in the past, but have not gotten treatment that works, we may be able to help. Please call 509-532-1111 (Spokane) or 509-927-2273 (Spokane Valley) or email Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics today to schedule an appointment.

TMJ and Jaw Pain

TMJ, also called TMD, is when your jaw joints, muscles, and bones work together imperfectly. This can stress your muscles, put pressure on your bones, pinch your nerves, and more, resulting in many types of jaw pain, such as:

  • Sore or tired muscles
  • Pinched nerves—often a sharp, stabbing pain that happens when you open or close your mouth
  • Pain in the joint, often with grinding, clicking, or popping sound
  • Achiness in the bones
  • Soreness in the teeth—may even lead to tooth fractures if left untreated

These types of jaw pain are the most directly related TMJ symptoms. They can sometimes come and go, or they may be constant. They may even get progressively worse. Fortunately, TMJ treatment can alleviate jaw pain as well as other TMJ symptoms.

Jaw Pain and Other TMJ Symptoms

The nature of your jaw pain may be linked to some of the other TMJ symptoms you experience. If you have muscle pain, for example, you may also experience TMJ tension or migraine headaches. Muscle pain can also be correlated with face and neck pain. On the other hand, pinched nerve pain may come along with tinnitus, while pain in your teeth may be associated with worn or broken teeth due to your bad bite.

During your consultation, we will talk to you about all your TMJ symptoms. This will ensure we understand the full extent of your condition and can get you the best treatment for getting you relief.

If you are tired of living with TMJ pain, please contact Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics today for an appointment at our Spokane or Spokane Valley office.